A Review Of Nodi Armchair Cosh Living

vt kirli; svingi; turni

war n milito; warfare militado; warrior militisto; warcraft militarto; warhead ŝargokapo; warmonger militemulo; warship militŝipo

Like a surgeon I've an eye fixed for precision And exactly how items do the job, And so the seamless way a Branch Beach front chair appears to drift unsuspended appeals to me.

postpone vt prokrasti; I say this run should be postponed right until this platoon is best rested mi diras, ke oni prokrastu ĉi tiun kuron ĝis ĉi tiu plotono estos pli bone ripozinta

adj tuning fork agordforko; agordilo; tuning machine agordaparato; agordilo

var alphabet = new Array ("a","b","c", ... ,"z"); in column two place the depend of text that start with the specified letter in column 3 location the percent of words that begin with the required letter in column four position a bar graph (produced from the single pixel file "green1x1.gif' representing the relative share of your text from column three. The utmost bar length is 400 pixels and all bars are 15 pixels tall. after the table, report the total range of text Algorithmically: use one of the 26 letters within the alphabet array for the value in column 1 (a → z) retrieve the textarea break up the above mentioned to the "*" character into an array named alist for every alist factor, split the array elements on the "," into an array named temp, retailer the lengths of temp in an array named listc (the 26 listc values go in column two) sum the values of listc to acquire the whole variety of phrases -- contact this full: tw for each letter, determine the % of words that start with that letter, retail outlet the result in an array named pcw

wherever adv kie(n); wherever from de kie; whereby per kio; whereabouts proksimume kie; wherefore pro kio; whereby en kio; en kiu; where ever kie(n) ajn; where ever you go, there you will be kien ajn vi iras, tie vi estas

perfect adj perfekta; best pitch absoluta tonsento

from prep de; (outside of) [often used as “from” to stay away from the ambiguities of “de”] el; the man from Atlantis la viro de (aŭ el) Atlantido; (As outlined by) laŭ; from Everything you say laŭ tio, kion vi diras; (on account of) Professional; to die from laughing morti pro rido; (outside of) el; he pulled a gun from his pocket li tiris pafilon el sia poŝo; (considering that) de; [starting immediately after] depost; check out here [starting from] ekde; sick from two yrs ago malsana de antaŭ du jaroj; malsana ekde du jaroj; sickly from start denaske malsaneca; from behind de malantaŭ(e); Any more de nun; from on higher de alte; from that point de poste; de tiam; de tiu tempo; from under de sub(e); from when de kiam

about prep (about) pri; a show about absolutely nothing prezentado pri nenio; for being about temi pri; a demonstrate that is definitely about nothing at all prezentado, kiu temas pri nenio

adj ceaseless senĉesa

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